larry morrell scholarship for

Integrity & Athletic Excellence

The Larry Morrell Student of Integrity award is to recognize high school students of high
character who demonstrate servant leadership,
have a strong academic history, athleticism,
community service, and an overall personal

Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Who is Larry Morrell ?

The word that comes to mind when you think about Larry is commitment. He always had done in his mind even before he began the work.

What are the Award details ?

Learn more about the Integrity Award along with the criteria for eligibility.  This award is continue the legacy of Larry in what he embodied.

How do I apply ?

If you wish to be considered or know someone that we should consider then please fill out our application form so we can enrich their education.

How can I donate ?

Your donation in any amount can help us keep this legacy for years all while helping a high school student get through college.

…we want to reward an entire new generation of Larrys.

David Massias

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