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Larry attended and graduated from Coral Gables High School where he was a standout on the Football team. After graduating High School Larry wasn’t sure what he wanted to do in life but was eager to attend college. Larry decided on Oklahoma North Eastern A&M where he played football. He graduated in 1977 with an Associates degree. In the Fall of 1977 Larry decided to continue his education at Florida State, where he was a walk-on to the football team. Larry was a center who specialized in the long snap.

In 1978, Larry began work for the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office. Larry loved being a law enforcement officer and night shift was where the fun was. Larry was well liked and respected at the Sheriff’s Office and within a few years he was promoted to Sergeant. Larry’s Brother worked in Law Enforcement in Texas so Larry left Tulsa and joined the Fort Worth Police Department in 1984. Within 8 years with the Fort Worth Police Department, here are some of the awards Larry received:

  • the Honor Guard;
  • the Life Saving Bar;
  • the Chiefs Recognition Award;
  • the Exemplary Service Award twice;
  • the Medal of Valor (This was for a pursuit and shooting involving robbery suspects). You could see a bullet hole in the windshield coming in directly where Larry was sitting. Larry a man of faith, said he felt God was looking out for him and although he suffered from facial cuts he had no permanent physical or mental injuries from the event. Larry advised they were caught and sent to prison;

In 1992, Larry became a deputy with the Hillsborough Sheriff’s Department and within a few years was tapped for the street crimes squad at District II. In 1993, his close friend and one time partner in Ft. Worth, John Paul Marcelis, was killed by a drunk driver. This motivated Larry, in 2002 to join operation 3D Unit, a county wide enforcement squad that targeted impaired drivers. Larry could have been promoted to detective or supervisor if he wished but this was where he was clearly meant to be. From 2002-2011, Larry was a top performer in the 3D Unit.

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Here a few of Larry’s awards during that timeframe:

  1. the District’s Eagle eye award twice (for making significant or high profile arrests);
  2. the MADD century award 9 times (this award is for making more that 100 DUI arrests in a year);
  3. the Millennium award twice (This award is for making more that 1000 arrests overall);
  4. So from 2002 to 2011, Larry made over 2000 arrests for impaired driving;
  5. In 2011 Larry was chosen to take over the SAVE unit (SAVE stands for Sheriff’s Alcohol Vendor Enforcement – and what that unit does is work with alcohol vendors, bars, restaurants the casino and teaches them to be responsible when serving alcohol. The unit has been highly successful and Larry was the right guy for the job);
  1. He was MADD officer of the year for 2016;
  2. Larry is certainly rich with family, he has nieces and nephews and a large extended family on Debbie’s side. They married in 2005. They are truly a team, a perfect couple and just plain fun to be around.the National Liquor Law Enforcement Association award for the best innovative Alcohol law enforcement program for 2016;
  3. the Mark Studstill award of excellence from the Hillsborough County Anti-drug alliance;

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