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James Judkins Foundation (the “Foundation”) sponsors a scholarship program under which the Foundation provides college scholarships to certain eligible high school graduates of schools within the Florida county of Alachua (the “Larry Morrell Scholarship” program). This policy describes the selection criteria and administrative procedures that apply to the Larry Morrell Scholarship Program.

Legal background

The Foundation is organized as a Florida nonprofit corporation, and has been granted an exemption from federal income tax under Internal Revenue Code (“Code”) §501(c)(3). Selection criteria and procedures for the Larry Morrell Scholarship program are described below, and are organized as follows: (i) scholarship eligibility requirements, (ii) selection criteria under which scholarship recipients are selected, and (iii) general administrative requirements relating to the scholarship program.


  1. Educational Experience and Leadership Attributes. Each applicant must be a senior in high school at a school located in the Florida county of Alachua. Each applicant must have demonstrated leadership, excellence of character, integrity and community involvement.
  2. Minimum Grades. Each applicant must have earned a cumulative grade point average of 2.5. Each applicant must provide a certified or other official transcript as evidence of these grade requirements, or cause his or her school to directly provide such transcripts to the Foundation.
  3. College Attendance. The applicant must be reasonably expected to attend a Qualifying Institution (defined below), and must actually plan to do so during the next academic year (for which grants will be paid).
  4. Completion of Application. The applicant must complete the entire application required by the Foundation, including providing all documentation requested in the application or otherwise requested by the Foundation.
  5. Prohibited Family Relationship. Each applicant must not have a family or business relationship with any director or officer of the Foundation.

selection criteria

The Foundation’s Board of Directors shall appoint a committe (the “Selection Committee”) responsible for selecting scholarship recipients from all eligible applicants. The Selection Committee shall base its selection of Larry Morrell Scholarship recipients on the following:

  1. Eligibility. Each Larry Morrell Scholarship recipient shall meet all eligibility requirements described above.
  2. Objective and Nondiscriminatory Selection Procedure. The Selection Committee shall select Larry Morrell Scholarship recipients who, in the reasoned view of the Selection Committee, are the most deserving of scholarship awards based upon the objective criteria described below. The Selection Committee shall select Larry Morrell Scholarship recipients on an objective and non-discriminatory basis, without regard to gender, race, religion, national origin, or personal handicap.
  3. Applicant Interviews; Essays. The Selection Committee may, but is not required, to interview Larry Morrell Scholarship applicants, and may require candidates to submit essays on topics relevant to the Selection Committee.
  4. Objective Criteria. The Selection Committee may consider only the following objective criteria in selecting Larry Morrell Scholarship recipients:
    1. Prior academic performance;
    2. Performance on tests designed to measure ability and aptitude for college work, such as the ACT and SAT examinations;
    3. Participation in school, extracurricular, athletic, and community activities;
    4. Recommendations from instructors or members of the community;
    5. Conclusions that the Selection Committee members draw from a personal interview, from essays, or from other written materials submitted in the application process that demonstrate the applicant’s motivation, character, ability, and potential; and
    6. Financial need, with an emphasis toward providing scholarships to students with financial need, but to whom other need-based assistance is unavailable.


  1. “Qualifying Institution” means a vocational school, college, or university that is an educational organizations exempt from federal income tax under either Code §115 or Code §501(c)(3) and that is described in Code §170(b)(1)(A)(ii). NOTE: Most public and tax-exempt private 4-year colleges and universities and 2-year vocational schools or community colleges meet this requirement, if they maintain a regular curriculum and schedule of classes. This is required under the federal tax laws for scholarship recipients to be able to avoid paying income tax on grant funds.
  2. Scholarship Amount; Number of Scholarships. The number and amount of the Larry Morrell Scholarship awards granted will be determined by the Board of Directors in its sole discretion. Initially, each scholarship award will equal $2,500 per recipient, per academic year, and the Foundation will grant one (1) new Larry Morrell Scholarship annually.
  3. Direct Payment of Grants. All grant payments to a scholarship recipient shall be paid directly to a Qualifying Institution in which the scholarship recipient is enrolled, on the scholarship recipient’s behalf.
  4. Refund of Unused Grant Funds. Any grant funds not used for permitted expenses 3 described herein, shall be refunded to the Foundation. If the terms of a scholarship grant are violated, the Foundation shall use reasonable efforts to recover any scholarships inappropriately obtained, consistent with applicable IRS regulations.
  5. Use of Grants. Grant funds shall be used solely for tuition and fees required to enroll in or attend Qualifying Institutions, and for fees, books, supplies, and equipment required for courses of instruction at such Qualifying Institutions.

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